Rabbi Avram Banon

Dear Members,

As we enter into the Month of Nissan, the “Chodesh Hageula” it is the Month of our redemption from the Egyptian exile.  We have to remember the words that we say every single day in the Shema, the commandment  “You shall relate it to your son”. ...

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President Issie Baum

Shalom Aleichem!

To all Young Israel of Chomedey members and their families.

It’s hard to believe that six months - long and hard winter months - have so quickly passed since the High Holidays, and we are now at the cusp of what we hope will be a mild spring and a sunny summer. The Passover Holidays always bode well for the future, as we all celebrate this beautiful and family-oriented Holiday....

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Our new home

“The set-up at the Shaar Shalom is small and haimish,” longtime member Fred Rudy shared.  “It certainly takes some getting used to. It’s a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere and both groups seem to be working together in harmony.”

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