Dear Members and Friends,

It is now well over 3 months since our shul shut down against this Covid-19 pandemic.  Since then, we have met over Zoom, have held services over Zoom, and attended worldwide lectures over Zoom. Many of us are even zoomed out.  We have been in touch via emails, telephone calls, newsletters and what have you. A few of us have even met face-to-face in front of Rabbi Banon’s house, where Rebbetzin Rochel handed out home made Challas, gefilte fish and Matza Ball soup to all who visited. But many of us are anxious to get back to shul and  the new norm, whatever that may be. In that respect, B”H – good luck may be on the horizon.

The Quebec Gov’t announced this week, that Houses of Worship be allowed to open for less than 50 people, with strict protocols in place. Social distancing, masks, handwashing, etc, will all be de rigeur, and strictly enforced. Mike Andradi, Pres of Shaar Shalom and myself, as well as Rabbi Banon will be drawing up a list of protocols to be followed before our first Minyan takes place. The Sanctuary has to be reconfigured to allow for all these protocols to be followed and adhered to. This will take some weeks, and we are looking for an opening date of July 12, B”H. This is not written in stone, but our prime concern is for the safety of our members and their spouses, most of whom are well over 70 years old…..the front line of any resurgence of the virus. In the meantime, please Stay Safe and Stay Healthy.

Issie Baum, President