Dear Members,

On July 18th B”H, we held our very first Shabbat Minyan in-shul since the Covid-19 disaster struck and Hashem blessed us with a respectable turnout of 21 men and 6 women. Since then, we have now held our 2nd Shabbat in-shul Minyan, and we have been having in-shul Minyans on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays, and Rosh Chodesh mornings with very respectable turnouts. A huge YASHIR KOACH and thanks to members of both the Shaar Shalom and Young Israel Synagogues who are supporting the shul, by coming to these Minyans. Evening Minyans are still being conducted on Zoom, but B”H that too will change, and we will hope to have evening services every day in shul. We hope to see many of you there.

We have already started preparing for the High Holidays, an awesome task in itself, and we will keep the entire membership posted on an ongoing basis as to what our plans are for the High Holidays given the various restrictions we face, as laid down by the Quebec Gov’t Dept of Health. In the meantime – please – all of you, Stay Safe – Stay Healthy.

Issie Baum, President