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YIC  Weekly Newsletter: July 16 -22 / 22 - 28 Tammuz



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Shabbat-----------9:00 AM___ __ _ 8:25 PM Shabbat Ends: 9:28 PM
Services now taking place at the Shaar Shalom located at 4880 Notre-Dame, Chomedey Laval Quebec, H7W-1v4

KIDDISH SAT July 15: This week's Kiddush was sponsored by Lucette Black in honour of her husband Hy who not only turned 82 but recovered from a horrible car accident exactly 1 year ago. Thanks to Hashem and the love and support of family and friends as well as their Young Israel family who said prayers and visited Hy, he is with us here today together with his wife ESHET CHAYIL Lucette, and for that we say Amen! HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ad 120 Nechemia, and may you be here with us to celebrate simchas for many more years to come. MAZAL TOV and HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ad 120 LIQUOR DONATIONS: a) A bottle was donated by Simmy Grabina in honour of the Yarzheit of his beloved mother Bayla Mindel. b ) Another bottle was donated by Lucette Black in honour of the birthday of her beloved husband Hy, who turned 82 (see above). c) We received a bottle from David Rosensweig (Steiger house) - commemoration unknown. Yashir Koach David.

YASHIR KOACH to Fred & Lillian Rudy: This past Thursday, Lillian Rudy hand delivered the Yarzheit cards all over Chomedey (a job usually done by her husband Fred who was a little under the weather). As most of you know, Fred has been filling out and sending the yahrzeit cards for Young Israel on a volunteer basis since 1992!!! SHUL EVENTS: The Rabbi's class this week will not be held.

REFUA SHLEMA: a) To Gabbai Naphtali Sheinbach, who has been ill for a while with an aggravated case of sciatica and has not been in shul for a couple of weeks. We wish him all the best and a quick return. To Sholom Yaccov Ben Toba Itah (Stanley Smith) son of Thelma and David Smith, 2) Gershon Arey ben Raizal (Gershon Byer) 3) Nachum ben Shoshana (Nachum L - non member), 4) Glichaka Raizal bat Dina Miriam (Rose Byer), 5) Leora bat Leah (Larissa) Avram ben Lily (Allan C - non member)

YASHIR KOACH: To Gabbai Moshe Levinger who is doing double duty with Naftali being ill, and Jerry Segal, filling in as Gabbai. Great job guys!! MAZEL TOV to Marvin Baker who is celebrating his birthday tomorrow, Sunday, July 16th. Marvin may you celebrate many more healthy and happy ones with your friends and family. Ad 120!! L'chaim!!!! YAHRZEIT CARDS & EMAILS: It has been brought to our attention that some of our members are still not aware that the Yahrzeit Notices are now being sent by email to those who have registered their email address with the Shul office, and are no longer receiving the notice card by mail. Unfortunately, some of the notices are not being opened in time by the recipients, or are being opened and inadvertently deleted, or simply opened and being forgotten by the recipients.

In light of this, we would like to advise all members who would prefer to receive their notices by regular mail instead of email to notify the Shul office at

450-681-2571 or to Fred Rudy at 450-687-3727, or by email to: therudys@videotron.ca and you will be put back onto the mailing list.

Yahrzeits for the week of July 17 - 23 / 23 - 29 Tammuz

July 19 Tammuz 25 Yvonne Serfaty for Joseph Serfaty z"l husband
July 20 Tammuz 26 Irving Zwirek for Avrum Zwirek z"l father
July 20 Tammuz 26 Beatrice Duchoeny for Benny Duchoeny z"l brother in law
July 21 Tammuz 27 Mildred Handelman for Sophie Cohen z"l mother
July 21 Tammuz 27 Beryl Grabina for Saul Mileret z"l father
July 22 Tammuz 28 Marvin Cooper for his father z"l father
July 22 Tammuz 28 Myer Rabinovitch for Eva Rabinovitch z"l mother
July 22 Tammuz 28 Seyma Akerman for Mildred Markowitz z"l sister
July 22 Tammuz 28 Nathan White for Deborah White z"l daughter

Note: Any Young Israel member MISSING a Yahrzeit notice in the shul bulletin, please email the info directly to therudys@videotron.ca Please provide full name in English (and Hebrew if possible) and the date of the Yarzeit as well as relationship to YIC member. As soon as info is received, it will be forwarded to the shul office, or you can also email or phone in the info direct to the office if you prefer.

YIC Newsletter 093

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