Davening Schedule:

Sun Sept 23:  Shachris 8:30 AM  Erev Sukkot                           Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6:30 PM
Mon Sept 24:  Shachris 9:00 AM  1st Day Sukkot                     Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6;30 PM

Tue  Sept 25:  Shachris 9:00 AM   2nd Day Sukkot                    Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6:30 PM   

Wed Sept 26:  Shachris 7:00 AM  1st day Chol Hamoed           Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6:30 PM    

Thu Sept 27:   Shachris 7:00 AM  2nd day Chol Hamoed         Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6:30 PM
Fri   Sept 28:   Shachris 7:00 AM  3rd day Chol Hamoed          Mincha /Ma’ariv:  6:25 PM      Shabbat Starts 6:22 PM 

Sat Sept 29:   Shachris 9:00 AM  4th day Chol Hamoed          Rabbi’s Mincha Class at 5:50 PM
Rabbi’s Class at 8:30 AM.                                                         Mincha at 6:20 PM followed by Shalosh Seudos

Services Followed by Kiddish and Ma’ariv.                                                                               Shabbat Ends 7:23 PM



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