Davening Schedule:

********** We are now on a Winter Prayer Schedule **********

Sunday Dec 10: Shachris - 8:30 AM Mincha / Ma’ariv - 4:00 PM
Monday Dec 11: Shachris - 7:00 AM Ma’ariv - 7:30 PM
Tuesday Dec 12: No Schachris Ma’ariv - 7:30 PM
Wednesday Dec 13: Shachris - 7:00 AM Ma’ariv - 7:30 PM
Thursday Dec 14: Shachris - 7:00 AM Ma’ariv - 7;30 PM
Friday Dec 15: Shachris - 7:00 AM Mincha / Ma’ariv - 4:00 PM
Shabbat Dec 16: Parshat Mikeitz No Rabbi’s class this morning
Schachris - 9:30 AM Followed by Kiddish and Mincha
Shabbat ends - 5:02 PM Ma’ariv - 5:25 PM
HANNUKAH starts this Tuesday evening Dec 12th, so Shachris prayers will be held every morning throughout the holiday until Tuesday Dec 19th.
NOTE: Tomorrow on Sunday we have services at 4 PM, and it always difficult to have a Minyan at that time. PLEASE........ make an extra effort, it is the only day of the week that we have evening service so early, and much harder to have a Minyan.
NOTE: Rabbi David Banon, the Rabbi’s father has asked to let our members know that they have a Mincha Minyan at the Centre Sepharade from Monday to Thursday at 1:30 PM. Indeed, without both shuls taking part, it is highly unlikely that there will be a Minyan. So those who have to say Kaddish - and others, please do your part and we can continue to have a daily Mincha Minyan at Centre Sepharade.

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